Massages at the Wildauerhof

Say good-bye to everyday life with a massage

The power of caring touch is balm for your body and soul in every life situation. Let yourself be indulged by professional hands in your holidays at lake Walchsee. Whether full body, partial body or back massage, lymph drainage or reflexology, our massage menu will have the right offer for every tension.

Massages at the Hotel Wildauerhof

Full massage (50 Min.)

This massage will relax your entire body and mind. It mainly consists of a classical massage, but cupping treatments, pain point treatments and deep stretching treatments are added as needed.
The 50 minute massage can, but does not have to, extend to the entire body.

from € 65.00 Price per unit

Partial massage (25 Min.)

This massage will relax your entire body and mind. It mainly consists of a classical massage, but cupping treatments, pain point treatments and deep stretching treatments are added as needed.
This 25 minute treatment concentrates on the back area.

from € 38.00 Price per unit

Foot reflexology massage (25 Min.)

The foot reflexology massage is specifically directed at the reflex points located in the feet, as they correspond to your organs and other body parts. The entire body is linked to the feet and can be influenced by targeting certain pressure points. The massage can stimulate your metabolism, blood circulation and detoxify your system, causing your whole body to relax.

from € 38.00 Price per unit

Combined massage (Back massage and Foot reflexology massage) (50 Min.)

Classic partial massages concentrate on one part of the body or on the back and feet in line with your wishes. Through the massage techniques, the treatment seeks to loosen tension and muscle stiffness.

from € 65.00 Price per unit

Back Intensive massage ฎ (50 Min.)

The treatment tries to loosen tension and hardened muscles on the back through the targeted application of proven massage techniques.

from € 65.00 Price per unit

Aroma oil massage (50 Min.)

A gentle full-body massage with stone oil, with the help of which you can influence your mental, physical and spiritual balance.

from € 68.00 Price per unit

lymphatic drainage (50 Min.)

The gentle movements of a manual lymphatic drainage help your body to rid itself of toxins and excess fluids. Furthermore, the treatment will also strengthen your immune system. A lymphatic drainage is best suited for people who suffer from tired, heavy and swollen legs and joints. The treatment can either be performed as a full body treatment, or concentrate on certain parts of the body such as the face, arms and legs.

from € 68.00 Price per unit

AnPiMoMai = Acupuncture Meridian Massage (50 Min.)

Energy balancing massage. Through a massage stick, energy-less meridians are activated and flow conditions are restored in the entire organism of the person.

from € 68.00 Price per unit

Combined massage (Ear candle treatment and face massage) (25 Min.)

The treatment is painless and harmless. Basically, the energetic effect is also unfolded during ear candle treatment. It is an equalisation of the energy balance which rounds off the well-being holistically with a facial massage.

The ear candles are placed in the external auditory canal and then lit with the therapist constantly present. During the treatment, you will also receive a soothing facial treatment, which stimulates the lymphatic fluid and purifies or removes any tension or swelling in the face.

from € 41.00 Price per unit

Hot Chocolate Massage (50 Min.)

Enjoy the gentle benefits of liquid chocolate on your skin. The best of precious cocoa beans, enhanced with exclusive shea butter, conjures up a caressingly soft feeling. The unique massage has a harmonising effect on the senses, protects the skin from damaging influences, firms and stimulates.

from € 74.00 Price per unit

Honey massage (50 Min.)

Balm for the skin and the body!

The honey massage originates from Ukrainian folk medicine and is performed with precious Manuka honey. It is one of the purifying massages and is performed exclusively on the back and legs. The honey has a regenerating effect on the organism directly through the skin. By means of a special massage technique, old waste products that the body has stored over the years from the environment, food and harmful substances from medicines are drawn out of the body tissues. This effective massage is particularly suitable for purification, tension, exhaustion, stress and cellulite. It works into the deep layers of the tissue and revitalises the whole organism. Contraindications: Pregnancy, fresh stroke, honey allergy, varicose veins, open wounds, strong hairiness, skin damage-eczema, tumours, thrombosis-blood thinners.

from € 76.00 Price per unit

"Get your feet fit" (40 Min.)
  • Immersion in the alpine herb foot bath
  • vigorous massage of the "Wadl'n" and soothing foot massage

from € 51.00 Price per unit

Head & Neck Massage (23 Min.)

Relaxing massage with stretching of the neck muscles and acupressure

from € 38.00 Price per unit

Garfield relaxation massage for children (20 Min.)

Light back massage with aromatic oil

from € 30.00 Price per unit

Chocolate Massage for Kids (30 Min.)

Full-body chocolate massage

from € 37.00 Price per unit

Take a deep breath and just enjoy a pure wellness experience. Feel every muscle in your body. Spend your holiday at Walchsee and recharge your batteries! It will do you good. Book your wellness holiday now.

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