Event rooms at the Hotel Wildauerhof

People like to stay where they feel comfortable. The parlours at the Hotel Wildauerhof offer a cosy place to relax, whilst meeting the highest standards at the same time. We are happy to serve you the best our kitchen and wine cellar have to offer, every day.


Pine tree parlour

1st floor | around 22 m² | for 25 people

In the cozy pine tree parlour with the unique scent and the calming effect of the pine tree one feels simply all around well.


Hunter's parlour

1st floor | around 30 m² | for 35 people

Hunting has a long and rich tradition in Tyrol. Deer and stag trophies, as well as themed paintings decorate the walls of this special room. Good hunting!


Dining room

1st floor | around 90 m² | for 70 people

Larger parties of up to 70 people will fit comfortably in to our dining area. Not only is the food great, but also the view! The large panorama windows make you feel like you are sitting right in the middle of the magnificent Kaiserwinkl mountain range. Don't miss out on the spectacular sight of high peaks all around you!


Hofer parlour

Ground floor | around 35 m² | for 30 people

One of host Josef Wildauer's greatest heroes is the Tyrolean innkeeper and freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, who fought at the front of the Tyrolean uprising against the Bavarian-Napoleonic troops. This can be seen by the decor in this particular room, which was built in 1996. A figurine and several paintings of his hero give the Hofer parlour its unique character, making it a great place in which to celebrate a special event.


Daggl bar

Ground floor | around 50 m² | for 30 people

We will be serving you in the Daggl bar daily from 15:00 o'clock onwards. Delicious cocktails, beer, wine and liqueurs await you in our comfortable non-smoking bar.

The Daggl bar owes its name to the work of a local artist. Inspired by a few glasses of wine, Josef Wildauer Senior commissioned the artist – who was keeping him company at the time – to paint a portrait of a hunting scene one evening. The following day Josef Wildauer held a picture of a proud dachshund in his hands, instead of the expected deer or mountain goat portrait. The whole village had already heard about this hilarious mishap, so the "Daggl" (Tyrolean for dachshund) stayed and became the namesake for our bar.

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